Together as One

Shofar Somerset West started getting involved in one of the local informal settlements outside Somerset West, Nomzamo, about four years ago. They soon discovered that a world of need waited at their very doorstep. Pastor and director of Kibwe Kids Heinrich Titus gives some feedback. “We are so thankful for the Lord’s continuous guidance and provision that has enabled us to weather the storm of a few years ago and also want to express our thanks to all the Shofar Congregations who have sacrificially given to support Kibwe through the difficult times.

This support has enabled us to fulfill our commitment to look after the kids entrusted to our care. Had it not been for the Shofar Family that stood together, we would not have been able to continue with the dream.

Through His grace, we are now in a position to partner with more and more congregations who feel they are ready to take ownership of a Kibwe Home. Our next home will be established in Somerset West with the local Shofar Congregation there at the moment looking for suitable accommodation that will be acquired through Kibwe Funding. Kibwe will also make available bridging capital for the first year of operation, during which time the local congregation ownership of the project at grass-roots level.

Through a series of divinely orchestrated partnerships, a crèche as well as a local congregation have been established in the heart of the Nomzamo community. There has been a growing desire from within the congregation to live in a missional way and local outreaches to the hospital, night shelter and informal settlements have been gathering momentum.

Kibwe Kids has now been able to build up a financial reserve over the last year to enable it to put money aside to acquire a property in the Somerset West area that can be used as the third of our foster care homes. We are in the process of investigating suitable housing options and liaising with the relevant role players to lay the foundation for what we believe will be the first of many more homes in the area. Watch this space for breaking news regarding the progress made.”

by Heinrich Titus


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